A company dedicated to money laundering. A man determined to everything to get what he wants. An angel shaped like a woman whose sex is the top of the world. A betrayal. A murder. A secret society dedicated to sex.
A frantic thriller that you can not stop reading. 
  • His neck. Heavy shadows add it in a sweet texture. I could squeeze it hard and she would give up forever.
  • Her body implodes and she opens her mouth and emits a sound that is not a scream but a exclamation of freedom.
  • I have her soul on the lips, on the tip of my tongue. I play with her soul, wet and ethereal that escapes in the agitated breathing. In that moment, I love her.
  • It is no longer the simple and clumsy eye that only appreciates volumes. Now it is the texture of the skin, the density of the limbs, the intensity of breathing, the moans, the whispers, the heat, the taste.